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Conservation and Restoration of Textiles

graduate's profile

Graduates of the higher vocational study of Conservation and Restoration of Textiles are well equipped with general as well as with professional knowledge, and specific skills necessary for their individual pursuance of a wide range of conservation and restoration activities aimed at preservation of historical textiles. The level of education enables them to choose an appropriate methodology of conservation and restoration of relics to ensure that restoring intervention will be in compliance with requirements of preservation and reconstruction of the material substance, and art expression of a concrete artefact at the level of the contemporary conception of the care of historical relics and museum or exhibitory presentation.

potential perspectives

The graduates assert themselves as fully qualified specialists at collections of state institutions as well as at private collections, at restoration studios, and within the sphere of private entrepreneurship like:

field characteristics

Content of this educational programme which comprises theoretical, practical, and art elements is conceived so as to fade into one another and supplement each other. Theoretical part is aimed at the care of historical relics and textile art from the techno-chemical, art and historical points of view. Students are led to independent work with professional literature through the form of seminars. Teaching of a foreign language runs through the whole study and instructs students in professional terminology. Creative parts of study cultivate art thinking and invention abilities for creative graphic exposure. Specific practical preparation is aimed in the first year namely at faultless mastery of textile craft techniques, whereas in higher classes its focal point moves to the sphere of complex encompassment of conservation and restoration activities.

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study plan

Compulsory subjects

Foreign language: English

History of Applied Art and Care of Historical Monuments

Chemistry of Conservation of Textiles

Technology of Textile Materials

Creative Training


Traditional Textile crafts

Restoration and Conservation of Textiles

Professional Practice

Students have to choose the topics for their graduation work by the end of the second year of their studies.

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