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Textile Crafts in Clothes Design

graduate's profile

The graduates of this specialization manage to integrate hand textile crafts (bobbin lace, needle lace, and embroidery, weaving and printing) into contemporary art and clothes design; can dispose of the whole set of knowledge, professional skills and motivations which enable them to encompass fully the whole process from design to construction, from craft to art elaboration and presentation of work including culture management and business enterprise.

potential perspectives

The graduates assert themselves as qualified professionals within the fields of fashion design and traditional textile crafts as well as in the spheres of art pedagogy, and pedagogy of free time, and also in safeguarding and distribution of culture heritage, namely as:

field characteristics

Content of this educational programme is guided by two basic criteria which can be simply called integration, and proportionality. The process of creation of a clothes work with the use of hand textile techniques from the first sketch of an art idea through its elaboration to the final work is tightly interconnected. The criteria of integration also express close connection of craft and art.

The study programme comprises of four basic components: artistic – which develops and cultivates art abilities with a spectrum of art means from figure drawing to design drawing; the other deals with craft skills necessary for clothes design – pattern construction and sewing. The third includes a safe mastery of traditional textile crafts: bobbin lace making, needle lace, hand embroidery, and hand weaving and printing. The fourth component deals with basic forms of presentations of textile works and fashion art: poster designs, invitation and leaflet design, or web presentations. The graduate masters the basics of computer graphics; is well acquainted with problems of modelling, exhibition and media presentations as well as the basics of photography including digital elaboration of photographs. The graduate is professionally well equipped with good orientation in the field of law, economy, culture management and enterprise, and last but not least public relations.


study plan

Compulsory subjects

Foreign language: English

History of textile crafts and clothes

Technology of textile materials

Technology of clothes materials

Pattern construction and sewing

Traditional textile crafts

Figure drawing

Preliminary design

Atelier creation

Visual presentation

Entrepreneur basics

Specialised seminars

Professional work experience

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