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Studio of Fashion Design


The basic idea of this study field is the use of traditional textile techniques in contemporary clothes in a new, innovative way joining modern creative view with a precise craftsmanship deriving from longstanding tradition. Students master the basics of dressmaking craft, pattern construction, technology, design drawing and figure drawing. At the same time they are trained in practical basics of hand techniques – hand embroidery, weaving or textile printing. At first students get acquainted with basic creative and professional knowledge and skills, in the higher classes they create their own models according to their own designs using hand craft techniques.

Simply speaking, a typical graduate of this study field is a fashion designer using for his/her models unique traditional textile techniques.

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General education subjects Subjects of professional education

Czech Language and Literature

Foreign language: English

Social Sciences




Enviromental Studies


Physical Education

Information Technology


History of Art

Preliminary Art Training I.

Preliminary Art Training II.: Ornaments and Scripture

Project: Pleneur painting

Figure Drawing

Textile Technology

Field Technology

Clothes Construction


Computer Graphics

Craft Technique: Aditional


Field Practice

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