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Studio of New Media


The goal of this study field is integration of clothes and traditional textile craft creation into the world of current means of visual and audiovisual communication.

Teaching is focused on one side on familiarisation with textile art in its creative and craft elements, and on the other side its focal point is aimed at development of communication abilities, above all within the sphere of visual communication. Graduates will be able to use in their work all possibilities of digital photography; they will master the technique of taking pictures, their computer elaboration and archiving, as well as cooperating with professional photographers. By virtue of encompassment of the most frequently used graphical programmes they will manage to create web presentation and promotional prints, and will be able to cooperate with professional studios and graphic designers. They will become familiar with problems of exhibition and stage presentation of textile creations, and in contact with their authors they will be able to act as their peer partners.

Teaching is obviously not only theoretical. The school organises and participates in exhibitions, fashion shows, takes part in a number of competitions, cooperates with the agency Czechoslovak Models. Our students actively participate in all forms of presentations and gather experience also in partnership organisations.

photo gallery


Galery containes shorts movies and projects that may required active parcitipation.

More shorts are available on vimeo.com/mediatx.

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Czech Language and Literature

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History of Art

Preliminary Art Training I.

Preliminary Art Training II.

Project: Pleneur painting

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