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Studio of Lace-making Techniques


Teaching of lace-making techniques has the longest tradition at our school, and nowadays it is the most exclusive alignment. Unique and unequalled luxurious products, which can be of use in interiors, just as well as in clothes and fashion accessories and jewellery, are made thanks to these traditional hand techniques.

Professional part of tuition is conceived to develop creative sensibility and craft skills, while supporting individual creativity and facilitating orientation in current trends of applied design, as well as deepening professional theoretical knowledge.

Graduates of this studio are fully able to master basic textile craft techniques (transparent and applied techniques, lace and embroidery), basic pattern construction of clothes, they can choose appropriate traditional as well as new technological techniques and routines and materials for execution of artefacts according to their own designs as well as to the designs of other designers.

Thanks to this studio you can find in many biographical data of contemporary artists under the heading education the name of our school.

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History of Art

Preliminary Art Training I.

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