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Our school has been spreading the knowledge of textile art techniques for more than ten decades as well as taking care of up keeping of textile crafts. We can find the beginnings of its history in 18th Century at the time of reign of Marie Therese although the grounds of today's school were founded as late as in 1919 when the State School for Home Industry was established, to be later called the School Institute of Art Production with its seat in Prague, and many branches at other places of the republic. In 1964 the Secondary Vocational Art and Craft School was established, and in 1995 the School Institute and the Secondary Vocational Art and Craft School were transformed into the Secondary Art School of Textile Crafts to be followed by a new addition of the Higher Vocational School in 2002.

During the last fifteen years tuition has expanded by adding new specializations. At the four year secondary course one can study two main subject fields: Textile design (82-41-M/14), and Pattern-making and Clothes design (82-41-M/7). At the Higher Vocational School a new field Conservation and Restoration of Textiles (82-42-N/03) was introduced, and lately a field Textile Crafts in Clothes Design (82-41-N/10) which was added in 2010.

At present about 120 students are studying at both schools.

To enter both the Secondary as well as the Higher Vocational Schools of Textile Crafts one has to pass successfully talent examinations. Students may choose one of these five specializations: Atelier of Lace Techniques, Atelier of Hand Printing and Weaving, Atelier of Toy and Basketry, Atelier of New Media, and as from 2012 also Atelier of Interior Design. The study programme is based on interconnection of design, technology, craft, and theoretical subjects. Graduates assert themselves well in all branches of clothes and textile design, design pedagogy, and pedagogy of free time. Most of them continue their studies at higher vocational schools, universities or colleges of similar scope (art, humanitarian, pedagogical).

There are modern well furnished classrooms, specialised library, and collections of the school depository. For theoretical subjects there are lecture and audio-visual halls, for specialised classes there are computer classrooms, drawing rooms, a photo studio, workrooms for textile crafts, and a model making studio. There are also two well equipped work rooms for restoration and conservation with a special laboratory and dye works.

The school library is mainly focused on art history, textile art and  crafts, fashion design, and restoration of textiles, but also covers the needs of other professional subjects. It comprises more than 4 000 titles. There is also a study room equipped with computers and Internet connection.

The founder of the school is the City of Prague.

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