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Studio of Interior Design


Interior design is a dynamically developing field reflecting influence of lived in milieu upon a man's psyche. The studio is aimed at interior textiles and accessories. Study comprises whole spectrum of activities from compositions of space and work with colours to execution of designs as well as making woven, printed, lace and embroidery or basketry works with the aim to create an interior corresponding with modern contemporary life style. Tuition is in part aimed at the work with visual programmes enabling to construct individual parts of the project, as well as to classical creative education enriched by theoretical and practical knowledge and skills from the field of textile materials and craft techniques.

Graduates will assert themselves as qualified specialists within the fields of interior design, textile creation and traditional textile crafts; within the spheres of art pedagogy and pedagogy of free time as independent designers or employees of interior studios and ateliers, designers of textile decorations (industry design) or lecturers of textile art techniques at institutions of out of school education and free time.

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General education subjects Subjects of professional education

Czech Language and Literature

Foreign language: English

Social Sciences




Enviromental Studies


Physical Education

Information Technology


History of Art

Preliminary Art Training I.

Preliminary Art Training II.

Project: Pleneur painting

Figure Drawing

Textile Technology

Field Technology


Preliminary Technical Training: Descriptive Geometry and Technical Drawing

Craft Techniques

Interior Creation

Field Practice

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